You are invited to consider a quicker and less expensive method in order to settle your case.

Your dispute is going to be resolved one way or another. You can choose a resolution imposed by a judge, jury or arbitrator. Or, you can choose Personalized Dispute Resolution and participate in the collaborative development of a resolution that is personalized to your unique needs and interests.

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We Provide

  • Personalized Dispute Settlements

    Dispute settlements personalized to address your unique circumstances. Our process is designed to find and address your needs and interest and address them as a guide toward a mutually acceptable resolution.

  • Confidential Risk-Free Process

    You do not waive any other dispute resolution options (like progression through the judicial system), and nothing said, done or implied during our process can be used, referenced or in any manner become part of the “other’ dispute resolution process.

  • Less Expensive Resolution Process

    A less expensive and significantly more rapid resolution process than that offered by the adversarial judicial system. An environment where justice is a right, not something that must be fought for.

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